COVID-19 And Gardening

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Direction

We are now living in a world that we never envisioned. Retailers and restaurants closed, grocery stores with empty shelves, schools shuttered and all with no end in sight.  We now know what it means when the World Health Organization says, “Pandemic.” Yet, spring is here with fresh green leaves and blooming azaleas.

I planted my tomatoes, cucumbers, a couple of sunpatiens, and moved a hydrangea from the ground to a big pot. The hydrangea was just kind of sitting there in the ground, so I thought a new space would do it good.  I also pulled up some pansies past their prime. I have trimmed and mowed a couple of times. I want to weed and feed the lawn, but the experts say to wait another couple of weeks.

I have noticed a few neighbors have overdone their work. Some have scalped their lawns by mowing too low. A couple have burned their lawns with too much fertilizer applied too soon. I even saw one neighbor pulling up blooming azaleas along with other foundation plantings. I thought about rescuing the azaleas from the garbage pile, but their roots were destroyed. It is so hard not to over-function in the yard and garden.

I have noticed some pastors over-functioning as well. This is not an abnormal response to a crisis. To make up for the absence of a physical gathering they are communicating frequently in many other ways. It is good at first, but there comes a time to dial it back some and just be. It’s like waiting for the grass to green and the plants to grow. Push it too much and they will wither. Tend them carefully and patiently and the plants will thrive.




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