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The United Methodist Church focus on General Conference 2020 has now turned to a focus on COVID-19. The Council of Bishops has requested a postponement of General Conference because of COVID-19.  Bishops and other church leaders are encouraging churches to cancel all worship and non-essential gatherings for an indefinite period. Anxiety is rising all around. What can we do?

Pray for all those who are infected by the virus. Pray for the families of those who have died.  Pray for our medical and political leaders. Pray for church pastors and leaders making decisions about what to do in these fluid times. Pray for a spirit of wisdom and calm for all.

Financially support your church. If you have not made your regular contribution to the church this week, send a check by mail or use an electronic means if it is offered.  Even with little programming happening, the church still has ongoing expenses that need to be paid.

Know that your Foundation is working to keep our staff safe. Because we have a small staff, we can practice social distancing. We will follow medical guidelines in our operations.  Your financial matters with the Foundation will continue to be processed.

Finally, we know that financial markets have been like a roller coaster ride. COVID-19 is impacting the economy. Please remember that the Foundation Investment and Finance Committee in partnership with our financial advisors, Gerber Taylor, use a model that focuses on long term strategies and not the daily movement of markets.

You can feel free to contact us at any time with questions.

If you would like more information on electronic giving during this time, see the Discipleship Ministries link below:




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