Spring is Near I

by | Mar 11, 2020 | Direction

I really enjoy walking through the big box hardware stores and seeing all of the tools and ideas for lawn and garden.  New lawnmowers and trimmers are on display.  Piles of fertilizer are stacked throughout.  Some will boost newly planted lawns, some will prevent weeds and others will take care of weeds and fire ants.  I went to a local garden store and bought my pre-emergent fertilizer.  But I am still going to have to deal with all of the weeds already up in this unusually warm and wet winter.

The best plans can often be derailed by circumstances.  Some of your personal finances may be clicking right along, while others may have had some challenges along the way. The goal is not to be distracted from achieving the goal of getting your personal finances in order.

How are things going financially in your church? Unfortunately, illness affects a family’s ability to give, faithful members enter the church triumphant and weather does affect attendance and giving.  Finance committees need to take all of this information into consideration when looking ahead.  What adjustments need to be made in securing the funding necessary for the mission of the church?




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