Digging In Step Eight

by | Feb 26, 2020 | Planning

I am beginning to think about the daily patterns that will need to change when garden season arrives.  I try to walk every day and work out with bands two to three times a week.  This works well for now, but with yard and garden work to do that will have to change. I will need to let go of some behaviors in order to invest in the garden and yard.  The same is true in reaching financial goals.

If your personal goal is to save more money, you may need to set aside buying a coffee every day or eating lunch out every day.  These small changes can really add up over time.  Attempting to reduce debt will mean avoiding spending as much as possible.  I think you get the idea.

Churches seeking to reach new financial goals may need to give up some behaviors as well.  Many churches only talk about money in the fall, but that needs to change. People in the pews need to hear about how funds make a difference in lives regularly. They need to be reminded that every dollar given to ministry makes a difference.  Just like dealing with weeds and insects, changing behaviors in churches related to money is not a once and done matter.

The voice of, “Preacher, we don’t need to talk about money,” must be addressed. The people, who want to keep financial information inside a cone of secrecy, need attention as well.  And don’t get me started on the loud voices of those who give little or nothing, yet want it all.  You see, it will take time to address and change behaviors.




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