Cast a Vision for Giving in 2019

by | Dec 18, 2019 | Communications, Direction

I know what you are thinking, “Mike, you do realize that 2019 is almost over. It is a little late to be lifting up a vision for giving this year.” I believe that it is never too late to inspire someone to give. A person with discretionary giving or a Christmas bonus may be praying and looking for a chance to give. What vision will you offer?

I cannot count the times as a pastor that I had someone say to me, “What does the church need? I want to give some extra money, but I want my gift to meet a specific need.” I will confess that I was often unprepared to answer such a request. I would say that I needed to think about it. Often the moment was lost. So, I want you to be ready.

Is it a new sound system, a church van, a new microwave, or replacing the worn sign outside? Think it through with staff or leadership. Be ready with your answer. You may even want to share that vision in worship Sunday. You may be surprised.




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