End of Year Giving

by | Dec 4, 2019 | Generosity, Giving

There is still time to encourage people to give, but the time clock is running down. Larger gifts usually require more planning, so folks need to make decisions very soon. Stock gifts require work with a broker and may take time to complete. Encourage people, who wish to donate appreciated securities, to do so at least two weeks before the end of the year.

Yes, there is even time for a first time gift this year. Why not encourage people, who have been waiting and waiting to give, to step up today and make that gift. Remind potential donors that they can still make a difference in the church’s ministry with a year end gift. But the gift needs to made by December 31, in order to be credited as a 2019 contribution.

People are more often led to worship during the month of December. Now, would be a good time to clearly explain how a visitor can contribute to the church. We assume that everyone knows, but that is not the case. State how to make out a check and what to put in the memo line.  If you have an electronic option, give clear directions about its use.  Reminders to give and how to give at the offering time are so important.




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