Gratitude vs. Consumerism

by | Nov 13, 2019 | Thankfulness

Thanksgiving is a perfect time to encourage folks to count their blessings. It is about seeing what they do have. This is so important as the airwaves, internet, and print material focus on buying the next greatest gift for that special someone. Our eyes and hearts are drawn from blessings to what we do not have.

The heart of gratitude is the ability to be thankful for what is. It is a process of being aware of the good that abounds in our lives. We may be ill, but there is medical care and support available. We may be struggling financially, yet there are resources to assist us.  The loss of a family member may be looming over our Thanksgiving plans, but our faith reminds us that we are never alone.

Do not allow consumerism is to take away your Thanksgiving. Carve out time to do a blessing inventory.




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