More about Pictures and Numbers

by | Jun 19, 2019 | Direction, Planning

Operating budget numbers often provide a skewed picture of the church’s vision and mission.

People will often zero in on salaries or utility bills and never think about ministry.  If one only sees a pastor Sunday mornings, one is likely to think that the pastor’s salary is excessive.  Yet, someone deeply involved in ministry will often see just the opposite.

Insiders will get the connection between operating budgets and ministry.  Those rarely involved in the life of the church will find reasons to criticize the numbers in an operating budget.  Combining the budget numbers under ministry areas is such a better way to present operating costs to most members and visitors in our churches.

The idea is to take any ministry area of the church and determine the percentage of the whole budget dedicated to it. This includes staff cost, maintenance, supplies, utilities, etc.  You will surprised about how difficult and rewarding this process can be.

Next week I will try to pull the numbers and pictures together for you.




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