Pictures and Numbers

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Direction, Planning

Some people love to work with numbers, while others would rather look at a picture any day.  These need not be mutually exclusive events when it comes to sharing the story of your budget.  Church budgets are not business tools; rather, they represent the desire to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Yes, dollars and cents are part of the church’s business plan, but money should never trump mission and vision.

Operating budgets provide guidance to the finance committees in managing the funds of the church. Yet, an operating budget does a terrible job of sharing a church’s vision and mission. We often forget that a good portion of the staff and operating budget of the church directly supports the vision and mission of the church.

It would be difficult to have a thriving after school program without a building, utilities and custodial services.  Most of the operating numbers are assigned apart from the after school program’s work.  Therefore, people often see a skewed picture of the church with a numbers only budget.

We will think more about this next week.




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