Creating a Scholarship Endowment

by | Mar 13, 2019 | Scholarship

Telling the story of Jesus and his love calls us to find ways to touch future generations of believers.  One way to do so is through scholarships for our United Methodist students.  All of the scholarships awarded by the Foundation come from endowments created by individuals or churches. You can do the same and make a difference in a student’s life for generations to come.  The process is simple and begins with an email or phone call from you.

I will talk with you about your dreams for the scholarship. Will it be for a college student or seminary student? Do you wish to tie the scholarship to students from your church, your city or region? Do you want the scholarship to be available to students attending a particular college or choice of colleges? What about students pursuing a particular degree?  What will be the name of the scholarship? Then we will discuss the funding of the scholarship.  The minimum amount to start a named fund is $5,000 with hopes that you will add to it over time.

Becoming a scholarship donor is a wonderful way for you to ensure that the story of Jesus and his love is told again and again. Think about those who assisted you on your journey. Now you have an opportunity to bless others on their faith and learning journey.

If you know of Mississippi United Methodist students applying for college or seminary this fall, please direct them to ( The deadline for applications for the 2019 – 2020 academic year is April 1, 2019.




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