Transparent Church Finances

by | Feb 13, 2019 | Direction, Planning

Church finances should never be a deep, dark secret.  Members and givers need to know what is happening with the money that is contributed.  A regular report of how lives are being impacted because of people’s generosity is so important.  This kind of report should be made a least quarterly, if not monthly.

Folks need to know that the finance committee is meeting regularly to oversee the work of the financial secretary and treasurer.  The whole committee needs to know how much money is coming in to the church and how the money is being spent.  The finance committee should know how much money is in reserves or savings for that rainy day.  And if a member of the finance committee is asked about money by a member, they should be able to talk honestly about the financial state of the church.

Then the finance committee needs to make a regular report to the church council detailing income, expenses and other related matters.  Church leaders need to know the good and the bad related to cash flow in the church.  Keeping finances secret will only breed distrust and discourage giving.  Open the blinds and turn on the light to church finances.  It is a new day.




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