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by | Sep 12, 2018 | Miscellaneous Posts

You are invited to the Second Communications Workshop featuring Mr. Scott Vaughan Tuesday, October 30, at St. Matthew’s UMC in Madison, MS. Reviews from last year were off the charts. Click here for more information.

I recently read One-Minute Stewardship by Charles Cloughen. Rev. Cloughen is an Episcopal priest, but the material is for all faiths. The general introduction about stewardship is helpful, but the bulk of the book features a full year of stewardship moments that may be used in worship services. The moments are tied to the Christian Year and other special days.  If you are looking for something to jump start this part of your generosity plan, I encourage you to give it a try. (ISBN 9781640650084)

I also read Money and Your Ministry by Margaret J. Marcuson, who is a pastor.  If you are familiar with Family Systems Theory, you will find the book very relatable. It is a very helpful read, if you are looking to open your own awareness of money and how to talk about money in the church. (ISBN 978-0-9764366-4-5)

The final book is Kitchen Table Giving written by William Enright. It is a helpful read about how most families make money decisions. Enright suggests that many of these money decisions are made at the kitchen table. The invitation is to connect with donors in the same ways they make money decision.  (ISBN 9781974555260)




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