Financial Freedom

by | Jan 31, 2018 | Debt, Generosity

The news media always plays up the huge pots of money available in some multi-state lotteries. Recent winners hit almost 500 million dollars. The number sounds great until you realize that in order for a person to win, lots of others have to loose. The money is not a gift, but a transfer of funds from a large group of people to an individual with a cut for states and the lottery companies. People are looking for a “Get out of Debt” card.

Pastors and laity of our churches are called to make disciples of Jesus Christ. This is not just about new folks, but we are also called to grow disciples into mature followers of Jesus. So many have been stunted spiritually because they have failed to learn the place of money and possessions in the life of a Christian. Pastors and leaders of our churches have failed to address the very real issue of debt and affluence.

We talk about prayer, worship attendance, serving others and maybe even witnessing. But we skirt around money and possessions. We fail to acknowledge the power of money and possessions in our lives. People need the voice of the church to speak against the power of debt and the consumer driven frenzy of our society.

A great, simple start is to find a tool to talk about money and possessions. I recommend Freed-up Financial Living by the Good Sense Movement. It is far from perfect, but it places money and possessions within a biblical context. It offers a way for followers of Jesus to address the weight of debt and affluence. You may not change the world, but you may just change a life.




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