Company Is Coming

by | Dec 13, 2017 | Giving

Company Is Coming


This time of year many are expecting company. This means cleaning the house, getting the beds and bath ready for guests, and doing some kind of extra touch that says, “We are glad you are.” Company is probably coming to many of our churches for special Advent and Christmas services. What are you doing in your churches to prepare for guests?


Is the space clean, especially the restrooms? Is the entrance door obvious, or do you need someone outside to direct guests to the entrance? Will you guide guests to their seats, or will you hope that they do not sit in Aunt Sara’s special seat and get asked to move? Will the order of worship in the bulletin make sense to someone unfamiliar with the church? Pastors, be sure to introduce yourself at the beginning of the service. Guest may not know who you are.


If an offering is received, be sure to explain its purpose and allow guests to feel free to give or not to give. Christmas Eve Communion services are wonderful experiences, but be sure to explain what it is and how it is served. Do not assume that everyone knows what to do.


Finally, make sure that your company is invited back. And please do not say anything about Christmas and Easter visitors.




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