Time to Let Go

by | May 24, 2017 | Planning

Time to Let Go

A recent article in the Journal of Accountancy was titled, “The Importance of Killing Projects.” The article insisted that all organizations must be willing to look at their initiatives with as critical eye. This means that ownership and ego needs must be set aside for the good of the organization. The article went on to say that the best organizations are the ones most willing to kill a project sooner than later.

This made me think of the church’s reluctance to let anything go, even if everyone knows that it is not working. We tend to focus on the positive and spend valuable resources trying to save a project. We are also reluctant to let something go because of the resources we have already invested. But the best decision we can make many times is to let it go.

The article also stated that every organization needs to have a clear exit plan for everything that they undertake. And there needs to be someone on the team focusing on reality. This person is the one asking if this project or idea is really going to work.

What might happen in the church, if we began to ignore egos and ownership for the sake of the future?




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