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by | May 17, 2017 | Giving, Planning

Resource Materials for Churches Providing Financial Literacy

Last week I wrote about counties struggling with high poverty rates and the downward financial earnings pressure on children in those settings. I began to research materials that might help churches begin to teach financial literacy with modest income participants. The first discovery was the National Endowment for Financial Education.

The NEFE has many products that target a broad area of topics. They have one for adult learners, which targets adults seeking to return to school. They offer a workshop kit for limited literacy families. Then there are some for students, persons released from prison, and those in debt. The materials are free. You simply provide your name and email address to access the materials. Go to:

I also discovered the Chalmers Center, whose vision is for local churches to declare and demonstrate to people who are poor that Jesus Christ is making all things new. The desire of the Chalmers Center is to equip churches to walk alongside people who are poor. It is a much more involved process than simply offering a workshop. For more information go to:

I also discovered materials from the University of Illinois Extension. The material is called, All My Money. It is written for persons working with limited-resource audiences. It is designed for various groups, including churches, to teach financial literacy even if they do not have expertise in financial management. Go to  for more information.

I have ordered the leaders kit for All My Money to see how it looks and might work in a church setting. I will let you know in the future what I discover.




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