Christians Need Help Getting Final Wishes in Order

by | Mar 8, 2017 | Legacy

Christians Need Help Getting Final Wishes in Order


The “State of the Plate” report for 2016 suggests that 46% of people who attend our churches have no will or estate plans. Most churches fail to realize that the largest donations they will ever receive are from someone’s accumulated assets or estate. Yet, most churches do nothing to assist their members in making such plans.

Only 46% of those in our churches with a will or estate plan will make a donation to their church or favorite charity as a part of their final wishes. This means that only 24 out of 100 will leave something from an estate donation to their church.

We need to do a better job of helping our folks prepare for the future. It is not about trying to twist an arm for money from an estate, but assisting our members in making faithful and caring plans for their future. I believe that most regular worshippers in our churches will make a bequest, if they are invited to do so in a caring way.

Think about a simple phrase in newsletters and bulletins. “Have you remembered your church in your will?” Your Foundation will be glad to assist you in developing a plan to assist your members in making good decisions about their future.




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