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“Be diliegent. Never be unemployed. Never be trifilingly employed. Never triffle away time. Neither spend any more time at any one place than is strictly necessary. Be punctual. Do everything exactly at the time. And do not mend our rules, but keep them; but for conscience sake.” – John Wesley
John Wesley closed with this admonition for those young preachers coming into Conference membership. Wesley had an understanding that time was critical. The days and years that we have been given are the greatest gifts, and we should model its importance by treating it as holy. He instructed us to use every minute of every day to the fullest.

Most of us have been guilty of not living in this way. We put things off, or we simply waste time. We have excellent reasons to justify why we didn’t do something in our hearts and minds, which eases our conscience. Yet, to the founder of the Methodist movement, this was a great sin because we have not used this gift wisely.

There is a danger to wasting time, for you see that you just run out of it one day. Unfortunately, we don’t know just how much time any of us have. Therefore, let’s use the remainder of these days without procrastination. It’s time to call up an old friend and tell them they were on your mind. It’s time to take a trip and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. It’s time to show our generosity through the work of our churches. It’s time to be diligent.




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