July Newsletter

by | Jul 28, 2021 | Journey

July is a month of preparation. In this second month of hurricane season, we eye the gulf and make sure we have a plan and supplies for emergencies. We are preparing for school to start in August. Making lists and checking them twice is not just reserved for Christmas shopping (or is it why we have Christmas in July?)

I do think that sometimes we get caught up with our preparations and lose sight of the present. We let our anxiety about everything cloud our vision of what is happening now. If we are only bracing ourselves through July knowing that we have four more months of Hurricane season; then, we miss the opportunity to thank God for the days of sun and light rain to keep our plants healthy and our grass from dying. If you are just counting the days until school starts so that you might find sanity again, remember that your kids or grandkids are only this age for a season, and you have a gift of time with them.

Our Foundation is going through a season of preparation as well. We are preparing for our new Executive Director, Rev. John Branning, to begin his duties in August. In addition, we are revamping our website and marketing materials to better serve you. Remember as you prepare that we also can create customized marketing materials for your church or ministry. To read our entire newsletter, click here or the picture above.




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