Journey Considered

by | Jan 6, 2021 | Direction

January 6 marks the visit of the Magi on the Christian calendar. These travelers made the journey from their homeland to pay honor to the new-born king. With their visit, Christmas ends, and Epiphany begins. The season of Epiphany invites us into the journey with Jesus as he is revealed to us in the biblical story. The start of a New Year is also an invitation to travel to a new place.

A journey for me brings out conflicting emotions. Anticipation sits on one side, while anxiety hovers around the other. It is exciting to think about going to a new place with new experiences, but it is also challenging to think about the uncertainty of the journey. The approach of a travel date causes me to begin thinking, “Why did I say that I would do this?”

I invite you into the journey with me. The destination is yet to be determined. Even if we stay at home, we cannot avoid the unknowns of this New Year. 




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