Planning, Planting, and Rewards

by | Jun 24, 2020 | Direction

I am enjoying fresh cucumbers and tomatoes from my garden. The okra is blooming and starting to produce. The grass is growing like crazy, and the flowers are in full bloom.  Feeding the birds has led to more young birds than I have seen in the years we have lived in our current home.

I am so thankful that we took the time to clean out the old garden stuff, planted, watered, and nurtured the growth.  We are now enjoying the results. The same goes for taking the time to select flowers, pot them and water them along. Now we get to enjoy their beauty. Several years ago, we hauled dirt and St. Augustine sod to cover bare places in the back yard. Now the grass looks great.

There would be nothing to enjoy from the garden, the flower pots, or the yard without planning, planting, and tending.  It does not happen on its own. The same can be said for nurturing and growing stewards.  Generous Christian stewards are grown over time.

I still believe The Gratitude Path, Leading Your Church to Generosity by Kent Millard is the best stewardship resource for the kind of year we are having.  His writing is practical and biblically based. Be on the lookout for an introductory video on Facebook. The book can be found at 




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