by | May 13, 2020 | Direction

The grass and plants in my garden are getting into a real growth phase. It is amazing how quickly they change every few days. Yes, that includes the number of weeds that seem to pop up and grow overnight. Nature has a way of working hard to establish itself in spite of our best efforts. We think we have it all under control, and suddenly there are more weeds in the flower beds. There are times when I am almost tempted to not look for them anymore. Then, I think of some of the overgrown flower beds in our neighborhood.

You may be feeling the same about financial weeds. Just when it seems that spending plans are clean and working, a weed or two pops right up. Covid-19 wrecks our income stream, new tires are needed, the air-conditioner no longer conditions the air, shoes develop holes, or birthdays demand gifts.  I wish I could say that this is the exception, but that is not the case. Financial weeds are always going to pop up no matter how hard we work at it.

The same is true in church spending plans. We may be able to turn up the thermostats, use a little less paper and postage, or even put off some maintenance items, but financial weeds are going to spring up.  You can try to ignore them, but the result will be less than satisfying.

The answer is to plan for the weeds. Lawns and garden beds need mulch and a little weed killer along the way. Budgets need a cushion or emergency fund. Getting after the weeds now will be easier than waiting until later.




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