Encourage a New Generation

by | Sep 11, 2019 | Planning, Scholarship

New generations of believers are entering college and graduate schools this year. These young people will develop skills and insights that will impact our churches for years to come. One of the greatest gifts that we can give this new generation is that of encouragement.

Speak positive words into these new college and graduate students. Tell them that you believe in them. Let these students know that you will pray for them. Get an email address or a post office box number and send encouraging notes. Please, do not over do it.  If you do send snail mail, be sure to let the student know that something is coming in the mail. Many students never check their boxes without a heads up.

The Scholarship Committee of the Foundation sees our scholarship awards as a means of encouragement. Many of our awards are small. The minimum award is $300. We acknowledge that it will only buy a book or two, but the intent is to say, “We are proud of you. We want you to succeed in your academic pursuits as a United Methodist Student.”




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