Giving to Religion

by | Jul 31, 2019 | Giving

Giving to religion declined in 2018 and is now down to 29% of all charitable giving.  Religion is still the largest recipient of giving, but the number continues to drop.  This decline has been over several decades.  Some of decline is the way in which religious giving is now recorded, but it does not begin to address the drop in giving.

New generations of givers do not contribute to the church like the older generation of believers. By older, I mean the generation before the Baby Boomers. I believe that much of the decline in giving is fueled by the deaths of the Builder Generation, who has been the backbone of church giving over my lifetime.  Their numbers are decreasing by death.

We can choose to sit around and wring our hands over this report, or we can choose to engage new generations of believers in learning the joy of giving. We have been complacent about giving over the years because we relied on the good givers to keep doing what they had been doing. We just kind of put our heads in the sand. Now is the time to take our heads out of the sand and engage in the important work of developing giving anew.




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