Financial Freedom

by | Jan 30, 2019 | Direction

The idea of financial freedom conjures up all kinds of images. For many it is having the folks from Publisher’s Clearing House knock on the door and award them $5,000 a week forever. Winning the lottery works for others. Some think of earning just a little bit more. You can probably come up with many other ideas.

Our images of financial freedom are controlled by the consumer culture in which we live. Every pharmaceutical company depicts their users living an upper-middle class lifestyle. Cleaning products are demonstrated in living rooms twice the size of most homes and in bathrooms larger than the average living room.  So, we get so accustomed to the images that we believe them to be the norm. We buy into the idea that everyone lives an upper-middle class lifestyle. We believe that financial freedom is about having more and more stuff.

Jesus reminds us about the lilies of the field, our daily bread and storing up treasure in heaven. Jesus does not call us to be poor, but warns us about trusting our lives to money and stuff.  Wesley reminds us to earn all that we can as long as it does no harm to others and ourselves spiritually and physically. He goes on to say to save all we can. In other words, we are to live simply in order to have more for his next step. The final step is to give all we can for the benefit of others.




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