Money and Faith

by | Jul 11, 2018 | Giving

Richard Rohr, from The Center for Action and Contemplation, shared last week about the power of money.  Rohr refers to Lynne Twist’s book, The Soul of Money.  She states that we have made money more important than humans. We have even given money more meaning than human life.

Rohr writes that we often find our behavior around money at odds with our deeply held values and ideals.  He goes on to say that he truly believes that we really long for the well-being of the people we love, ourselves and the world. The problem is that money often takes over our best selves.

We become willing to sacrifice our health, our relationships, our world and so much more for the sake of money.  No wonder Jesus talked about money and possessions over and over.  Jesus calls us to love God and love one another. And he warns against loving money.  How easy it becomes to confuse what is eternal with something as temporary as money.

This is why we need to help our folks with the discussion of money, when we are not asking them for money. Preaching and teaching on money and possessions does not always need to end with an ask.




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