Your Investors

by | Jun 13, 2018 | Generosity, Giving

Horizons Stewardship published an article by Mick Tune last month about investors.  He begins, “Think of me as a potential venture capitalist for your organization, or as a mission capitalist for your vision. I am not looking to make money back, but I am looking for a real return on my investment. I love my church and all, but you are not the only Godly gig around.”


What vision/mission is your church or ministry proposing for funding from potential investors?  By potential investors, I am referring to persons who put money in the offering plate every Sunday or send money to you monthly or quarterly.  How are you telling your story of making a difference in your community? Investors are looking for a return on investment. In ministry, the only return is changed lives.


Investors have many choices, when it comes to where their money goes. The church and ministry organizations can no longer just sit around and expect people to give. Our message and invitation to invest must be clear and compelling.




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