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A recent CBS Sunday Morning Program featured Twiggy. It is hard to believe that she is 68 years old.  Twiggy was discovered through her photograph in a hair salon. Someone working there agreed to do her hair, which ended up being cut very short. A photograph was made and hung there in the salon. The right person came into the salon and spotted the photograph. And the rest is history.

For you young folks out there, Twiggy was the epitome of the 60’s British Fashion world. She was thin, had short hair and large eyes. All the girls wanted to look like Twiggy in the day.  But she was smart enough not to rest on her laurels as a model.  Twiggy went on to star in films, theater and television. She recorded albums and wrote books.  She even has a clothing line today.

I write about Twiggy because she refused to be a one shot wonder. So many folks get caught up in their success that they never move on.  Suddenly, they are no longer relevant.  I think it happens in the church as well. We find something that works well, so we stick with it. Even when it is becoming clear that it doesn’t work very well in a new age, the church refuses to change. Then, the one shot wonder church begins to fade away and can’t understand why.

When was the last time your church was re-invented?




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