Pastors and Generosity

by | May 9, 2018 | Generosity

There are churches that model generosity in spite of the pastor, but most are hindered by a pastor’s lack of generosity. Pastors, you need to know that church folks will be aware of your level of giving. You cannot hide it.  You can preach until you are blue in the face about generosity, but it will fall on deaf ears, if you are not being generous in giving to the church or churches you serve.  My message to you does not end here.


Pastors are the chief executive officer of the church. Your fiduciary responsibility is to see that the funds of the church are handled properly.  Turning a blind eye to how it is being done does not work.  You cannot say, “I do the preaching and the lay folks handle the money stuff.” You are responsible.  It includes guiding the finance committee or stewardship committee in raising the necessary funds for the church budget.  You cannot abdicate from this duty.


If you are not sure of how to handle your duties, the Foundation can offer you some resources. Basic business math is not that difficult. You can learn how to do it.  Please, remember that generosity is a part of discipleship.


Jesus certainly said much about money and possessions.  It is easy for money and possessions to snuff out our walk with Jesus.  So, your responsibility as a pastor is not just a fiduciary one, but it is also a spiritual one.  You are the spiritual leader of the church.  This requires teaching on generosity.  Generosity will fail to grow without the willingness of the pastor to engage in the money work of the church and its spiritual dimensions.




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