People of Faith Do Not Automatically Give

by | Apr 4, 2018 | Giving

Many leaders in churches are Boomers, who think about giving to the church in the world of the Builder Generation. The Builders are more faithful in attending and in giving to the institutional church. The Builders generally did not need encouragement to give. But the Builders are disappearing from our churches because of death. And Boomers have not really learned or taught their generations and others about the spiritual discipline of giving. Thom Rainer had some reflections on this recently.

Rainer reminds us that Boomers and Gen X have high incomes, but do not give consistently or generously to the church. Millennials give, but they do not have the financial resources to give large amounts. The problem is that Builders are being replaced with Millennials. So the shift is from more generous to less generous givers. And there is more.

Millennials are more inclined to give to purposes rather than organizations. Churches must demonstrate how the funds are going to be used for a meaningful purpose. It is not enough to say, “Give to the church.” It needs to become give to the church so that we can continue to feed the hungry on Sunday afternoon, etc.

Folks, if we really expect our churches to be effective expressions of God’s Kingdom, it will require us to teach biblical generosity. It is not going to happen, if we do not engage in the process. Sitting around on our hands is not going to get it done.




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