Generosity Begins with Beginning

by | Feb 28, 2018 | Generosity, Giving

As a pastor I heard many people over the years say, “When I am in a better financial place in life, I will begin to tithe.”  What they were really saying is that they will begin to give. Tithing is generally considered to be 10% of one’s income. These folks usually were giving nothing or less than $200 per year.  The problem is that these folks never seem to reach some kind of financial mark in life to begin generosity. So many people make the mistake of equating generosity with the level of one’s financial resources.

Many believe they will give more when they have more. The problem is that a failure to be generous with a small income will never result in becoming generous with a larger income. Generosity is about making a conscious decision through the power of the Holy Spirit to give freely and sacrificially of one’s financial resources. It is not about the level of one’s financial resources. Generosity is about being generous.

Generosity really does begin with being generous.




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