Special Offerings

by | Nov 15, 2017 | Giving

Special Offerings


Thanksgiving is almost here with Advent and Christmas arriving soon. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of receiving a special offering for these days and seasons.  People have a strong desire to give in November and December. The vast majority of folks are not going to take money out of their regular giving for a special offering. Most will give additional funds as they are able. But they will not give, if they are not given the opportunity.


Yes, you are correct about everybody asking for money this time of year. That is because everyone knows that people are more receptive to an invitation to give during the Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas Seasons. Do not use the excuse that the church should not be on the list of inviting folks to give because everyone else is asking. Be prepared to invite your folks to give to a special need in the church or budget needs.


Do not guilt them into giving, nor talk about how much the church needs the money. Rather, focus on the giver’s need to give in response to God’s generosity and love.  Use specific envelopes or other tools for folks to respond. Just give people the opportunity and allow the Holy Spirit to do the rest.




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