Holy Day Offerings

by | Oct 19, 2017 | Giving

Holy Day Offerings


Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas are quickly approaching. Now is the best time to think about special offerings for these days and seasons. The Sunday before Thanksgiving will be a perfect time to receive a special offering expressing gratitude for all that God has done for us. It will require advertising the offering for two to three weeks before receiving the special gifts. A set of Thanksgiving offering envelopes mailed to the congregation or available in the sanctuary is helpful.


You will need to decide about the purpose of the offering. Will it be used for budget needs, a special need in the congregation, mission shares or projects in the community? If you need money for operating expenses, do not feel guilty about the offering simply going to the general account. Emphasize the opportunity for people to express their gratitude to God for all the wonderful blessings of life. Do not talk about how the church needs the money. If the offering is for a special need, lift that up to the congregation.


The same process can be used for Advent or Christmas. There are several calendars for Advent that invite persons to set aside an amount of money daily. Coin folders are great for children, but not for adults. You may purchase offering boxes or create your own for the offering. Or you may focus on bringing an offering for the Christ Child at Christmas Eve or the Christmas Sunday Service.


Folks, leaders of the church do not need to protect their members’ pocketbooks. They will do that on their own. Special offerings are a way to allow persons to express their faith during special seasons and days of the year.




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