New Christians and Money

by | Sep 14, 2017 | Giving

Bill Easum’s Advice about New Christians and Money


The Effective Church Group recently shared an article by Bill Easum regarding new believers and money. (  Easum believes that moving new Christians to generosity does not begin with sermons but small group experiences. Easum states that a method of weaning people off of the culture of consumerism is necessary. The need is to teach folks how to live within their means. And this happens in small groups of new Christians and seasoned generous givers. It becomes a place to share and to learn.


The next step is concrete action by participants reducing debt and avoiding more debt. Then comes the time to share about Jesus and money. This will lead to a “standard of giving creating a standard of living” according to Easum.


I have witnessed giving going up, when credit cards and debt go down through “Financial Peace University.” We can preach about giving all we want, but it will not work without our folks learning new money habits.




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