Reasons People Do Not Give

by | Aug 23, 2017 | Giving

Some Reasons People Are Not Giving


Horizons Stewardship shared some of the following information written by Dustin Cooper. He suggests that there are four reasons why active church families fail to give. The first is personal debt. People just cannot give because they owe too much on student loans, mortgages and car payments. We need to begin offering personal financial resources such as Freed-Up Financial Living by


The second reason Cooper offers for persons failing to give is the power of the consumerist culture in which we live. We are convinced that stuff will bring joy and happiness. He suggests an answer is get persons involved in direct mission work. This adds balance to life.


Cooper suggests that a third reason people fail to give is fear. People worry about the future and its financial needs. Cooper calls upon pastors to preach a message of hope through faith in Jesus Christ.


Finally, people fail to give because they have flawed perceptions. The non-givers believe that any sermon about money is about paying the church’s bills. And most believe finances are personal. These folks often see generosity sermons and plans as “beg-a-thons.” We need to shape the conversation around money at times, when we are not asking for money.


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