Do We Believe in Abundance?

by | Jun 28, 2017 | Giving

Do We Believe in Abundance?


Richard Rohr in one of his daily meditations states that we often live within a worldview of scarcity. We are worried that there is never enough to go around. He writes, “The problem is exacerbated by the fact that the human mind is actually incapable of imagining anything infinite or eternal.” We struggle to understand the fullness of grace and the abundance of God.


We sometimes are not certain that God has enough grace to really forgive all the stuff we have done. We worry that we will not have enough money, enough members to keep the church doors open, or enough energy to get it all done. All the while the world of consumerism hammers home the message that we can never have enough stuff. The result is that we hold tight to what we have and embrace scarcity.


The only answer is a transformed heart through the power of the Holy Spirit. Abundance and generosity will not come in our own power. It is only through the mighty power of Jesus set loose through the Holy Spirit. And that all begins with an encounter with Jesus. Salvation is the beginning point of abundance and generosity.





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