Do It Now!

by | May 3, 2017 | Giving, Planning

Do It Now!


Now is the time to begin to address the issue of generosity in your church. Tomorrow will be too late. One-third of 2017 has come and gone. If you have all the resources you will ever need for effective ministry, you need not pay attention to my message today. But if you are struggling to make ends meet or still waiting for more resources to accomplish the church’s vision, now is the time to get serious about generosity.

Generosity does not just happen. Generosity is learned through observation, teaching and experience. Trusting that folks are learning about generosity, when the offering plate is passed, is naïve. Building generosity takes time and effort on the part of the pastor and leaders of the congregation. So today is the day to begin the journey.

What are some of the questions that need to be addressed? Do we have young people, who do not know how to properly manage their resources? Are folks just ignorant of the connection between financial giving and the ability of the church to do effective ministry? What vision and/or mission are we communicating to our members and the community around us? Do behaviors need to change among the leadership in order to develop generosity? Why are we afraid to talk about money beyond paying the bills? Is our world view one of scarcity or generosity?

I hope that this will get you started today in developing generosity for the sake of growing disciples and impacting lives for the sake of Jesus.




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