That Tiny Pocket on Your Jeans

by | Mar 29, 2017 | Giving

The Tiny Pocket on Levi Jeans

Have you ever wondered why there is a tiny pocket on your jeans? Reader’s Digest wrote on the subject recently. Apparently the small pocket was included on the very first pair of Levi jeans in 1879. The pocket was to hold a worker’s pocket watch. The design element has continued to this day. I cannot remember the last time I saw someone using a pocket watch. Before the advent of Apple’s watch, fitness bands, and other tech wearables many folks no longer wore a watch of any kind. So, why have pockets for watches that rarely exist?


We can chuckle about how this little tribute to nostalgia hangs around, but how many of our churches still live in the pocket watch days, when it comes to finances? I was in a meeting discussing generosity, when one member of the group stated that she had been working in churches for 38 years. She remembers in her early days that it would take hours to count all the cash and coins in the offering. Today’s offering in a large church contains very little cash and almost no coins. But we still approach the offering like it was 1950.


We think the generosity approaches of the past still work because our most generous givers lived in the 1950’s. But church triumphant is claiming these givers at a faster and faster rate. Folks, who did not live in the 50’s, are less likely to give in the same ways. Today is the time to examine the offering and the use of new methods of giving to reach new generations of givers.





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